Our Ancient History

!! Jai Shree Shankaradasamayya !!

 The true history of Meru Community’s Lord Shree Shankaradasamayya, a great soul born with blessings of Lord Shiva who was a great devotee, & meditator. He stitched clothes for Lord Ram and Indradev during those days. As a result of gradual change of society, the creed of society got changed after a long period of time and society is known as a devotee of to SantShiromani Namdev Maharaj.

 The importance of MERU community members is so great that RAJAs and Maharajas used to take MERUs along with them wherever they travelled and even during wars so that clothes for the soldiers and their officers used to be stitched onsite and gradually the profession took the turn of migrating work force moving from place to place to find work.

It even continued after the emergence of British Rule where Meru Community members have contributed their services to the officers of British Regiments and moved from place to place along with British Regiments to deliver their invaluable services.

 Based on the historic facts, it is now clear that MERU community members were indispensable from time immemorial and it only started losing its value by the sheer innocence of our ancestors who imparted this skill to members of other community who turned it into commercial avenue without following the age-old traditional values of service and ethics which is the sole propriety of MERU Community.

 Meru Community members carry a great deal of dignity of service and were highly respected by erstwhile rulers of this country including the Mughals, Nizams and British. They used to be highly rewarded for the exclusive skill of making perfectly stitched clothing for any occasion, any person with sheer accuracy.

 Based on the place they have made it home, MERU community members were called by different names; however, they stand as one united community bound by the institution of marriage.

In Telangana, the origin of this community and other South Indian Regions they are called as MERU, MERA, Chippolu, Dharji, Lingayath Darji.

 In Maharashtra, Central India they are referred to as MERU SHIMPI, NAMDEV SHIMPI (named after grandson of Shankara Dasmaiah).

 In Gujarat, Delhi and other North Indian Regions Meru Community members are referred as Marwadi Dharjis.

 In East Indian and some other inter connected states of Central India and East Indian regions they are called as Jaina Dharjis.

 Some of the skills other than tailoring practiced by MERU Community members across the country were making Sketches for use on Fabrics, Kalamkari works, Fabric painting. Due to absence of communication modes during the old times Meru Community members were left scattered after migrating during erstwhile princely state regime and the succeeding British Regime.

 Fortunately, the institution of Marriage plays a very vital and critical role in bonding together the whole of Meru Community by virtue of marriages taking place mostly within the above said sects of the community.

The inherent strength of the Community lies in the skills inherited by virtue of God Gifted Art of stitching clothes which enhances the dignity of every person who wears them.